Republicans Hypocrisy On The Contraception Issue

The economy is improving and President Obama’s foreign policy is almost flawless. So what are Republicans to do? They have all decided that social issues – more specifically, women’s health –  will be their ticket to the White House.

Over the last few weeks, Republicans thought they saw an opening in new ways to attack the President when Mr. Obama’s administration began requiring all employers to provide contraception without a co-pay for their employees. The Catholic Church jumped on this issue saying that the president is forcing the Church to go against its teachings in providing contraception to workers. Republicans smell blood, and began attacking the President, calling his requirement an “attack on Religion.”

The President and the Church came to an understanding and an agreement was reached – Churches would be exempt from the requirement, but contraception will still be provided and paid for by the insurance companies. But don’t tell that to the Republicans as they have decided that this would be the decisive issue in the 2012 presidential election, and they have decided to continue this fight.

And listening to their holier than thou attitudes, you will think that no other Republican president or governor has attempted what President Obama tried a few weeks ago. Yea, you will think that, but you will be wrong as even Mitt Romney, the present leading Republican candidate also signed the very same bill into law in Massachusetts.

Rachel Maddow explains…

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!



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