Mitt Romney’s Supporters Concerned – Maybe He Can’t Win After-all

Supporters of  Mitt Willard Romney are beginning to ask questions. They are taking a second – and in some cases, a third look – at their candidate, and they are wondering if he really has what it takes to beat President Obama in the fall election.

With his unlimited cash flow and his support from big Wall Street brokers and hedge fund managers, many thought the Republican nomination would have already been paid for by the Romney campaign, but Rick Santorum’s recent trifecta wins in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota solidified what many already knew – that they were supporting a weak candidate who has no appeal no platform and no message on how he will help America if elected.

Even before Rick Santorum’s surprising sweep of three contests on Tuesday, the Romney campaign was receiving a steady stream of advice — and warnings — from Republicans who are increasingly anxious about Romney’s performance, which has not improved over nearly six weeks since the state caucuses and primaries began.

One prominent adviser told the candidate to sharpen his use of conservative code words and create “small pictures” — vivid imagery, in other words — to connect with voters. Another flew to Boston to say that Romney’s message is too businesslike and broad to capture the passion of angry Republican voters. Still others have gone on television and written opinion columns to hammer home what is becoming a common theme this year: that Romney has not been able to ignite a cause when the GOP is primed to become part of one.

After Romney’s three wins, five losses and his solid lead in delegates, most Republicans said they still think he will win the nomination.

But they see a candidate who lacks broad support among conservatives, and whose recent defeats reveal that his organization is not quite as unstoppable as many supporters had thought.

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