Gingrich Supporter Says Democrats “Abort Black Babies.”


Did you know that if you’re a Democrat and you just happen to be black, then you customarily abort your babies? What? You didn’t know this? Well have no fear, we have Newt Gingrich and his supporters to educate us on the things black people do.

This bit of ‘Knowledge’ comes from Rick Tyler, the black people expert who just happens to be in charge of a SuperPAC supporting Newt Gingrich.

TYLER: More people are on food stamps today because of Barack Obama, they fail in the schools, you can ask Al Sharpton, the Democrats have failed in the public schools with the African-Americans, they abort their babies, they’ve done nothing to lift them out of poverty.

98 percent of African-Americans vote Democrat, okay? What have they gotten for it? Poor schools, poor neighborhoods, crime-ridden neighborhoods, a destruction of the family, and the Democrats want to abort their babies. That’s their position. I’m not going to defend that.

Now I was about to tear into this imbecile, but then I found this tid-bit; Rick Tyler is a worm of a human being who will someday see his ugly heart strangle him in the mirror. But looking beyond his disgusting words, what really marks him as the liar he is are his ‘statistics’, which had the word “LIE!” stamped across everything spilling from his smarmy little mouth.

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