President Orders Another Successful Rescue Mission – Nine Pirates Killed

When President Obama took to the stage almost a year ago and systematically – and comically – dismantled all hopes Donald Trump had of becoming president, he had just ordered the successful assassination of Osama Bin Laden. When he took the podium for the State of the Union address a few days ago, the president had just ordered the rescue of Americans held captive by Somali pirates.

The rescue mission for Poul Thisted and Jessica Buchanan, was successful, and it was carried out by the same SEAL Team 6 forces that got Bin Laden.

The captives, an American aid worker and her Danish colleague, had been held as prisoners since last fall. The New York Times reports that the pirates had recently refused $1.5 million to release their hostages, and that ransom negotiations had “ground to a halt.” After receiving reports last week that the American’s health was “deteriorating rapidly,” President Obama directed his security team to develop an immediate rescue plan. Nine kidnappers were killed in the raid.

Note to terrorists: Be very afraid anytime this president is about to make a big speech.

This is not the first time President Obama had an encounter with Somali pirates. In the beginning of his presidency, Mr. Obama ordered the successful rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips. Three pirates were killed in that rescue.

Is this what Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans mean when they continually accuse this president of appeasement? ‘Cause if this is appeasement, I would hate to see any acts of aggression from this president.

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