The Three Stooges Stars In The Trump Debate

With Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry officially joining Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman in denying reality Television star Donald Trump the chance to sell his new book, December 27th is bound to remind us of The Three Stooges. That’s the day when Rick Santorum joins Newt Gingrich as they answer questions posed by Mr. ‘You’re Fired’ himself.

Mr. no-chance-in-hell-to-win-the-presidency Santorum was just happy to still be on stage talking about anything, no matter where that stage may be. He criticized the other Republican candidates today calling them “hypocrites.”

I agree with Santorum on his description of the others this one time.

“Many of my opponents jockeyed to be the first to fly up to New York and use Donald Trump for a photo op and no doubt try and secure an endorsement,” the former Pennsylvania senator said in a statement. “But when Donald wants to moderate a debate – they refuse to attend. That’s what’s so wrong with politics today – hypocrisy.”

So set your DVR’s and pop some popcorn. On December 27th, gather everyone around the television and tell the young ones about the crazy antics of Moe, Larry and Curley. In fact, show them the crazy antics… we all know Trump needs the ratings.

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