Tasting blood in the water, Rick Perry went in for what he hopes is the kill. On Sunday, Perry went into attack mode, suggesting that Rick Perry’s $10,000.00 bet is “pocket change” for Romney, and suggests that Romney is out of touch with middle class Americans.

The morning after Mitt Romney challenged Rick Perry to a $10,000 bet, the Texas governor slammed Romney’s casual but pricey wager and suggested the sum is merely “pocket change” for his wealthy rival.

“Having an extra ten thousand that you would throw down on a bet just seems very out of the ordinary,” Perry told a New York Times reporter after a crowded event in an Ames diner.

“I would suggest to you that ten thousand dollars is pocket change for Mitt,” he added

The “pocket change” remark offered a sharp new nettle on Perry’s earlier criticism of Romney in an interview with Fox News Sunday, in which he dubbed the former Massachusetts governor “a little out of touch with the normal Iowa citizen.”

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