Book Salesmen And Television Personalities Don’t Really Want To Be President

You listen to these Republicans bitch about the economy, the “failures” of President Obama and how,  if given a chance, they would be able to turn things around. To right what’s wrong in America, and they will do this while giving their inaugural address!

Pay close attention to any of the presidential candidates and you will hear their claims.  “…anyone on this stage can do a better job than this president,”,  Gingrich said at a recent Republican debate. This claim was regularly repeated by Herman Cain and is a staple in many Mitt Romney speeches.

But with just about all these Republican candidates vigorously promoting their “newly released” books, how genuine is their bid for the White House? Will they really give up the financial benefits of being number one on the New York Times Best Sellers List to be the Number One in the white house?

If you look at how these candidates are campaigning, you will understand where their priorities lie. Herman Cain spent more time at book signing events  than he did on the campaign trail, and with the Republican primaries just weeks away, Newt Gingrich, the leader in the Republican field, spent yesterday in New York instead of Iowa where voting is almost set to begin, selling copies of his book and meeting with Donald Trump.

And speaking of Donald Trump. He is promoting his new book, just as he was promoting his television show a few months ago when he lead the Republican field for the nomination. With a new book to sell, Trump is once again capturing the limelight and floating the idea of running for president as an independent. He recently told USA TODAY;

“If they pick somebody who I think can’t win and if they pick somebody who is, in my opinion, the wrong person … and if the economy continues to be bad, I might run as an independent.

If he really believed that he could make a difference, that a Trump presidency would “turn this economy around” like he preached when he was the leader of the pack this past summer, then why didn’t he build on that lead and help save America?

Because, like Newt Gingrich and many of the other Republican candidates, he’s just a salesman doing what the people of his trade  do best – selling. Here’s Trump’s explanation for why he decided not to continue his run for president – basically – he’d have to give up his television show and that was just too much of a sacrifice for a television personality to make;

“Other people don’t give up anything when they run,” he said. “You give up a top, prime-time television show and I don’t want to sound trivial but that’s a lot.”

Sell on guys, your Republican base deserves nothing more.

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