Third Accuser Of Cain Means More Donations For His Campaign

As far as the Republican base is concerned, the more people you abuse sexually, the more money they will give you for your campaign if you’re running for the Republican nominee for president of the United States, as is Herman Cain. Herman Cain already proved that when two women came forward claiming that they were sexually abused by him back in the 90’s. After the story first broke by POLITICO, Cain went on a marathon  run, explaining away these women as liars, and that no abuse took place.

Of course, that was a lie. Less than 24 hrs after denying these women’s claims, Herman suddenly remembered some details. He remembered how tall one of the ladies were – she was as tall as his wife.

“I made a gesture by putting my hand under my chin, standing near this lady, saying: ‘Oh, you’re the same height as my wife.’ My wife is 5 feet tall, she comes up to my chin and I was simply making that comparison.”

He remembered what he said to her and he remembered his company paying the victim a yea’rs salary for her to keep her mouth shut about it!

This admission would make any normal thinking person do a double take and force them to ask some very important questions. Is Cain really someone who has the moral capacity to be President? Is he someone we want our children to admire or look up to? Any normal thinking person will have second thoughts about Cain, and they should. But Republicans are not normal. Soon after Cain suggested that inappropriate actions may have happened in the 90’s with these women, his campaign made a bit of news – they hauled in the most donations since Cain announced his candidacy.

But wait..

The Associated Press reported today that another woman has come forward stating that she too was subjected to inappropriate behavior on the part of  Mr. Cain. The Republican presidential candidate told CNN that the new allegations against him were “baseless.” He then points out that there are people trying to “destroy” his campaign, and offered this comforting note: “there is a force at work here that is much greater than those that would try to destroy me and destroy this campaign. That force is called the voice of the people. That’s why we are doing as well as we are.”

If his past is any indication, we expect Herman Cain to magically remember details of this third woman’s claim too, and we expect his Republican base to dig deeper in their pockets and donate even more to his campaign.

Go Herman!

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