Pat Robertson Asks – Is Mac And Cheese “A Black Thing?”

Pat Robertson has never heard of “Mac and cheese,” and it took two black people to bring him into the light. The famous right-winged tele-evangelist from The 700 Club, in his effort to learn something new everyday, asked his co-host Kristi Watts about a recent interview she did with former Secretary of State in the Bush administration, Condoleezza Rice.

In the interview, Watts asked Rice, “What is your favorite Thanksgiving meal?” Rice answered “It’s Mac and Cheese,” to which Watts replied, “Sister, that is my dish, that is the one thing I can rock!”

With Kristi Watts back in the studio with Pat Robertson, Robertson wanted edification on the “Mac and Cheese” discovery. “What is this Mac and Cheese,” Pat asked, “is this a black thing?”

Any black person could see the shock on Watts’ face, and her first reaction was to put Robertson in his place. But as she opened her mouth to get ghetto on Robertson, she remembered the need for a paycheck, especially in this economic downturn. She replied;

“It is a black thing, Pat. Listen, and you guys, other people, the world needs to get on board with macaroni and cheese.” said Watts. “Seriously, I just… ok, Christmas and Thanksgiving, we have to have macaroni and cheese and it trips me out that you don’t.”

After a brief chuckle, Robertson concluded, “I really don’t, I don’t, and I have never.”

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