Brother From Another Mother? Koch And Cain Means ‘Koch-Cain’ For America

Herman Cain is setting the record straight and he wants the media, in fact, he wants the world to know! We have all suspected this before, but no one actually made the obvious connection. We see slight psychological resemblance, but now we know for a fact: Herman Cain and the Koch brothers are family. Different mothers, but same father. They are “brothers from another mother.”

Speaking at a conservative event on Friday, the Presidential Republican candidate explains the relationship between him and the Kochs.

“I’m proud to know the Koch brothers. I’m very proud to know the Koch brothers. They make it sound like that we have had time to go fishing together, hunting together, skiing together, golfing together,” Cain told the audience. “Just so I can clarify this to the media, this may be a new announcement for the media: I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother. Yes. I am their brother from another mother, and proud of it. You see, the reason that I am running for president, folks, is because I want to unite the United States of America, not divide the United States of America.”

A report by the Center For American Progress Action Fund finds that the billionaire brothers – owners of Koch Industries, a corporation dealing in array of industries ranging from oil and gas, minerals, chemicals, refineries and forestry among others – are using their wealth to bankroll “the right winged, including the Teaparty.” Their main objective, according to the report is “gutting government oversight and electing candidates who oppose government regulation, especially in the oil industry.” The lack of regulations the report claims, directly helps the bottom line of ┬áKoch Industries.

Which brings us back to Herman Cain and why his “brothers from another mother” association with the Koch’s is so important. Knowing what we know about the Koch brothers and their wish for America – no government and no regulations – what will a Cain presidency mean for America?

You like ‘Koch-Cain?’

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