This Is For The Republicans – By Any Means Necessary

Here at EzKool we aim to please, and although we cater mostly towards the Democratic crowd, there are – at times, – little tidbits of information for the Republicans as well. With that in mind, this story should make the Republicans in the audience rubbing their little hands together with glee over the prospect of their latest accomplishment.

A new report today shows that as much as 5 million eligible American voters will be disenfranchised by the new Voter laws put in place in most Republican states. The Report was conducted by New York University Law Shcool Brennan Center For Justice, and it found the following;

As many as 5 million eligible voters in the United States may have a harder time voting in 2012 due to new state voting laws.

New laws in a number of states impose a range of voting obstacles, including requiring would-be voters to present government-issued photo IDs; cutting back on early voting periods; and imposing added restrictions on voting by convicts, according to the study.

Whether you favor or oppose these sorts of reforms depends (surprise, surprise) on your political affiliation. Liberal critics of the new laws contend that they are a calculated way of ensuring that fewer Democrats get to the polls, while conservatives view the laws as necessary to combat voter fraud.

The Brennan Center concludes that the new restrictions will hit young, minority and low-income voters hardest, and could thus “sharply tilt the political terrain for the 2012 election.” The states that have recently altered their voting laws account for 171 electoral votes, or 63% of what is necessary to win the presidency, according to the report.

Yes Republicans, count this one as a win. In a nation such as ours, based on the rule of law and fair play, you have managed to conduct yourselves as cowards, for instead of presenting your ideas for this country to the American people, you have collectively decided that cheating your way into power by denying Americans their right to vote is your preferred path to victory.

Yes Republicans, we get it now. You want your country back … by any means necessary!

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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