Republican Leader Leaves Party Because Of Herman Cain

The Republican party is shedding their loyal members one by one. This time its Lauro Antonio Garza, the Republican leader of Somos Republicans, a Texas Republican group that caters to conservative Hispanics.

Mr. Garza sat back and listened to the recent claims by Herman Cain, that an electric fence along the border states would be the way to keep illegals out of the country. When asked about those irresponsible statements on this week’s Meet The Press, Cain said he was joking. No one in the Republican leadership however, had any problems with Cain’s careless remarks, and this silence from the Republican leadership was the last straw for Mr. Garza.

Below is his letter.

GOP leadership: Beyond Reprehensible

How much distance has been travelled since President George W. Bush left office? To us at Somos Republicans, the answer is, ‘Way too much!’ We fear that for most of the Republican Party, the answer is, ‘Not far enough!!’

Today, we find the Republican Party has strayed from its roots and its founding principals so far that they can no longer be seen. We saw this yesterday, in the glare of broad daylight, when a leading presidential candidate, Herman Cain, not once, but twice, advocated for the murder of innocent people and that was met with cheers! Somos Republicans, America’s largest organization of conservative Hispanics, was alone in its criticism of this loud mouth hateful bigot. He says he was ‘joking.’ Nobody here is laughing! The fact the GOP allows and applauds such outrageous thoughts is beyond reprehensible.

To us, the idea of allegedly ‘Pro-Life’ people shouting for the un-Constitutional use of deadly force is unbelievable. Then, too, we shouldn’t be surprised since Republican leaders have been advocating for the nullification of the American Constitution in states like Arizona, Georgia and now Alabama. When did Republicans, once synonymous with ‘conservative,’ become so liberal as to attack their very own Bill of Rights in the 4th and 14th Amendments?!

Where is Republican leadership? Where has the guiding principal of ‘Morality’ gone?! If the Republican Party cannot or will not rebuke this hateful bigot and others like him who wear the mantle of ‘Republican’ then perhaps the time has come for a rebuke of the Party itself!

Ronald Reagan left the Democrat Party saying they had left him. Perhaps, I shall do the same because the Republican Party has become radical and unreasonable. President Reagan must be tumbling in his grave!
Lauro Antonio Garza,MPO
Somos Republicans, Texas State Director
October 16, 2011

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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