President Obama And Hillary Clinton On The Rights Of Peaceful Protesters

The following video features President Obama and Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, speaking about the uprising of the people and their rights to peacefully gather and protest. They speak about the wrongful ways leaders of various countries have tried to suppress the voice of the people.

Although the President and the Secretary of State were talking about the uprisings in Egypt, Libya and  other countries where dictators are being overthrown, the parallels between the people of these nations and the Occupy Wall Street protesters are many.

While Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton demanded that the people of Egypt and Libya be allowed to assemble and  march peacefully in protest without being beaten or put in jail for exercising their human rights, we see the New York Police department viciously trying to stop the Occupy Wall Street movement from exercising their rights to peacefully gather and protest.

Yes, the President and Secretary of State are right. Governments around the world must recognize the rights of their citizens to  protest peacefully without harassment from law officials. This is true for the people for Egypt, it is true for the people of Libya, and it is especially true for the people of these United States – the 99% peacefully marching in New York and all around this country demanding economic fairness.



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!