No Worries In Bachmann Camp. Everything Is Under Control *wink wink*

The Michele Bachmann campaign has hit a bump in the road… a rather big bump indeed. A bump so big, that the beleaguered congresswoman may not be able to power her herself over it, and the media is taking note.

Appearing on CNN’s State Of The Union, Bachmann was asked about her disappearing acts in recent polls and debates, and if her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is coming to an end. The candidate saw things differently, denying that her campaign was in any trouble. If fact, listening to Bachmann, you will be lead to believe her campaign is going according to plan;

“I think we are doing a good job getting our message out on job growth and on turning the economy around. That’s what we’re working on.

We’re not focusing on the day-to-day. Because as you have seen with many of the other candidates, candidates go up, candidates go down and what we’re very concerned about is making sure that the message gets out there, because it is not about any one of us, it is about turning the economy around and creating jobs.”

In must be something in the water. The Latest poll released on Monday and conducted by Washington Post/Bloomberg has Bachmann coming in at fifth place. She received a grand total of 4% of respondents wanting her to win.

But have no fear Teaparty fans, everything is under control. Again, Bachmann on State Of The Union:

“We’re just starting a kick-off today of four days here in New Hampshire and we’ve got a wonderful experience in Iowa and we’ve been in South Carolina, Florida, we’ve worked very hard and we have very strong numbers in those states and we’re looking forward to continuing that.”

And at the end of September, Bachmann appeared at the evangelical Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and likened herself to the “comeback kid.”

“She’s in a position where delusion is presenting itself as the only opportunity, and it exists only in her mind,” said Chris Ingram, a Republican strategist not working for any of the GOP candidates. “Whenever you’re in the position to start referring to yourself as the comeback kid, that’s an acknowledgement that things aren’t going real well.”

Yes folks, everything is under control!

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