Newt Gingrich Says Fellow Republicans Not Smart Enough For White House

Newt is trying to get his 15 minutes in the spotlight, and his recent comments about being the smartest among the rest of his fellow Republicans running for President is nothing more than his attempt to be, as Sarah Palin would put it, the flavor of the week.

At a Best Western breakfast yesterday, Gingrich told the audience why they should vote for him over his Republican rivals.

“I’m not running against any of my friends, they’re all good people. But if you watch them and watch me, the difference in the depth of knowledge and the difference in the ability to debate Obama, the difference in actually having done it at the national level, I can’t only think if you’re worried about the future of the country and you’re worried about how we get the country fixed, I’m a pretty good mechanic who knows how to fix the car and the other folks are good at selling it.

“They’re nice people, but they don’t have the knowledge to do something like this on this scale. This is enormously complicated.”

For some reason, I can definitely see what Gingrich is talking about. Except in the case of George Bush whose stupidity kept many comedians employed, the White House occupant has most always been a person who was smart enough to handle all the rigorous demands of the office. No one, not Rick Perry, not Mitt Romney, not Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain… and not even old Newt himself. None of these jokers have demonstrated to the American people that they have what it takes.

And speaking of jokers –  if you are looking for a good laugh, look no further than the next Republican debate.

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