New York Fire Department Leaves Occupy Wall Street In The Cold

Following orders from New York Mayor Bloomberg, the New York Fire Department swept through Zoccotti park today, and confiscated generators and other necessary equipmemnt, needed to provide heating, lighting and ability to cook for the protesters.

The agency said it’s looking for any unauthorized use that falls outside the guidelines of the city’s fire codes.

Firefighters took generators from the medical tent and press information area, among other areas.

“We did send 30 or 40 firefighters through the park,” Mayor Bloomberg said this morning on his WOR-AM. “It happened the way you would expect.”

The mayor said the goal was “just to make sure everybody’s safe.”

The protesters seemed unworried about the loss of the generators.

“I lived in Alaska and worked on a fishing boat — this is nothing,” said Robert Marshall, 31. “We’re survivors.”

On a weekend when a winter storm advisory has been issued, this could mark the breaking point for the movement. Seems the billionaire Bloomberg and his banker buddies are winning the fight for Zuccotti park… by any low-down-dirty means necessary!

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