Mitt Romney Is A Gangster – Manhandles Rick Perry

There’s no doubt about it. How else would you explain his actions last night, when in the middle of a heated discussion with Rick Perry – where punches were almost thrown – Romney initiated contact with his rival by putting his hand on Perry’s shoulder? That’s a no-no. People have died doing stuff like that. In the middle of an argument, you just don’t touch your opponent.

I know people in Brooklyn who got a good beating just for looking at a rival during an argument.

The issue? Undocumented  immigrants, or as the Republicans like to call them – illegal aliens. Rick Perry and his sinking poll numbers, needed to bring everything he had to the debate. He needed to knock Romney off his pedestal. So what did Perry do? He brought up a story that Rudy Giuliani tried in the last presidential debate. A story about Romney hiring “illegals” to work on his lawn.

Yes, it was a weak attack. When Rudy Giuliani brought it up in the last presidential election, the accusation had more of an effect. People wanted to know what was happening with Romney, the landscaping company he hired and the undocumented workers they sent to cut his lawn. And many people believed Giuliani’s attack caused irreparable damage to Romney, thus contributing to his failed campaign.

But that was 2008 and Romney was ready this time around. As the words began falling from Perry’s mouth, Romney began replying and a shouting match ensued.

“I’m speaking, I’m speaking!” Romney said, as the two yelled back and forth. At this point, Romney did the unthinkable and made contact. “Are you just going to keep talking?” Romney asked Perry, standing  just a couple of feet to his left. “Are you just going to keep talking?”

“Have at it!” Perry replied, obviously upset that Romney had the nerve to touch him.

Romney then dug into Perry again, calling him “testy” because of  his dismal past debates, to which the audience began applauding, signaling their approval of the way Romney manhandled Perry. In my imagination, I could see Romney gesture off stage, then cousin Vinnie appeared heading towards Rick Perry with one goal – to take him out, and I’m not talking a dinner date. But that didn’t happen, at least not in last night’s debate. I cannot guarantee the thought did not cross Romney’s mind though.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Gangster was in the house last night, and he is leading the way for the Republican nomination!

Imagine that!


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!