Herman Cain Refers To Perry, Romney And Bachmann As “Ice Milk”

Sarah Palin, on her recent appearance on Fox News, told Greta Van Susteren that Herman Cain is just the “flavor of the week.” Palin’s comment was a direct hit to Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump, who all led the Republican presidential field at some point or another.

Herman Cain went on the Jay Leno Show last night, and defended his recent surge in the polls. Asked about Palin’s flavor of the week comment, Herman Cain defended his new position – presently third behind Rick Perry and Mitt Romney – and in the process of making that defense, Cain referred to Perry, Bachmann and Trump – the previous poll leaders – as “ice milk.” About the “flavor of the week” label, Cain said;

But the fact that she called me flavor of the week… if you look at what has happened, that might be true with some people. But I happen to believe that there’s ice milk and there’s Häagen-Dazs Black Walnut. Substance. That’s the difference. I got some substance. I’m Häagen-Dazs Black Walnut!

Video Below.


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