For All You Herman Cain Naysayers…

For those of you who think Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has no official campaigning platform or staff for that matter and that he’s running for President in 2012 purely for the fame and fortune such notoriety will bring him…think again.

With the assist of his  own campaign strategist and chief of staff,  Mark Block, Cain has concocted this creeeeeepy video in which a smarmy faced Block rants on about Cain’s  electability points ( also giving viewers a great view of his smoked stained teeth – now that’s a real American, y’know, like the Marlboro Man!)  And after the usual rhetoric of  …”we can take this country back!”, the camera then pans in close to  Mr. Block’s face where he takes a drag from a cigarette and blows a puff of smoke into the camera. The real clenceher  is at the end when the Man Of The Hour assures us with that knowing look and enigmatic smile, that he’s Herman Cain, and he approves of this message.

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Amy Conton is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in New York, USA.


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