Report – 400,000 Education Jobs Will Be Created If Republicans Agree To Jobs Bill

If Republicans do the right thing and work with the President to get the economy going again through job creation, expect to see at least 400,000 education jobs saved or created because of the President’s $447 billion jobs bill.

According to a report from Reuters, the bill contains “$30 billion for state and local efforts to retain, rehire and hire educators, supporting 392,400 jobs, according to projections released by the Education Department and White House Council of Economic Advisers.”

Sounds like a good plan. It is exactly what we needĀ in an economy where job creation is on the back burner of a do-nothing congress. If upwards of 392,400 education jobs are kept or created in this economy, consider it an asset for our kid’s future and beneficial to the economy as more people with jobs translate to more investments into the economy.

But don’t expect to see that happening anytime soon… if ever!

With a Republican controlled House of Representative already deciding that winning the next election is their top priority, doing anything to help the economy will not play into theirĀ game-plan. So expect educators to be laid off, expect an uncertain future for our children, thus, an uncertain future for this nation’s economy that will just keep creeping along… hopefully!

Seems that the Republican’s game-plan is in full effect, and it is working just fine thank you!

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