Bill Donohue To Rick Perry – Drop Jeffrees Before The End Of The Week

“Where did they find this guy? When theological differences are demonized by the faithful of any religion – never mind by a clergyman – it makes a mockery of their own religion. [The] Rev. Jeffress is a poster boy for hatred, not Christianity.”

That was  Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League. Donohue was discussing the recent remarks made by Robert Jeffress at last week’s conservative Voters Values Summit, where Jeffress endorsed Rick Perry and buried Romney’s faith, referring to it as “non-christian” and earlier as a “cult!”

Speaking with The Christian Post, Donohue said that he disagreed with Jeffrees comments. “That’s simply an ignorant statement,” Donohue said, “Mormons have been around for a long time, so I wouldn’t consider them a cult any longer.”

When asked who he would vote for if Romney is the Republican nominee, Donohue said he would vote for the person most qualified to lead the nation. He then said he cannot vote for President Obama because of his “abortions-on-demand” stance. He then acknowledge that Romney had the same “abortions-on-demand” beliefs, but confessed that Romney would actually get his vote.

“Romney’s positions on abortions are disturbing to me too, Donohue said, “He supported abortion-on-demand when he was governor of Massachusetts but has now said he changed his position. It is concerning that his mother is a supporter of abortion-on-demand and he has made statements that he would do what his mother tells him to, but I would rather have someone who is willing to change his views on abortion than someone who won’t.”

Asked if Perry could run a successful campaign with the Jeffrees’ endorsement and controversy hanging over his head, Donohue said Perry would have to distance himself from Jeffrees first, and the sooner the better… like, by the end of this week!

Today is better than tomorrow, but if he doesn’t do something by the end of the week – and we are almost there – then I think his campaign will be in serious trouble.

Well it’s Friday, and Perry is still holding on to Jeffrees’ endorsement. We’ll see what happens by days end.

Read the entire interview here.


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