Bachmann Booed For Disagreeing With Occupy Wall Street

Maybe Michele should stick to her talking points, like “I am going to repeal obamacare,” or “Obama’s family are illegal aliens,” or “I own a small business, I know how to create jobs.” The Republican presidential hopeful went to San Francisco for a discussion with some supporters, but got booed when she veered off track.

Bachmann spoke about a variety of issues, drawing applause from the audience when she suggested disbanding the Department of Education and vowed to repeal No Child Left Behind.

But the crowd began to boo when the subject turned to the recent Occupy Wall Street protests.

Calling the activity “tremendously counterproductive,” the Republican presidential hopeful noted with disgust a recent poll that stated 98 percent of Occupy Wall Street protesters believed in civil disobedience. When moderator Dan Ashley mentioned that the original Tea Party — a group that Bachmann is affiliated with — encouraged civil disobedience, Bachmann replied, “At least the Tea Party picks up their own trash.”

So does the Occupy movement Bachmann, and we’re trying to start with the trash in Congress.

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