Rick Perry Saves One Life In Texas

He was supposed to be executed today, but because of the testimony of a prosecution psychologist during his sentencing, Duane Buck – convicted of murdering two people – will live to see another day. The testimony of the psychologist claimed that black people are more likely to commit crimes.

Luckily, former Texas AG turned senator John Cornyn asked, eleven years ago but still, that Buck’s and five other death penalty sentences be reviewed for racial bias, which gave the Supreme Court enough fodder to halt Buck’s execution early this morning.

Governor Rick Perry, the presidential candidate who loves nothing more than personally executing people with his six-shooter, has so far remained mum about the case, possibly because someone else was already executed in Texas this week, temporarily sating his all-consuming bloodlust.

In recent debates, the Teaparty has  applauded Texas presidential candidate Rick Perry for setting the record for the most executions in Texas. They also called for the government to allow people who cannot afford healthcare to die. The knowledge that Duane Buck is still alive will not go over well with Perry’s Teaparty admirers.

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