Teaparty Wanted Troy Davis Killed Sooner

Of course we all knew the Teaparty would have their take on the execution of Troy Davis yesterday. And who better to tell the Teaparty side of this killing, than Judson Phillips, president of the Teaparty Nation.

While most sensible individuals looked on last night in horror, as Georgia and the Supreme Court went ahead and legally murdered Troy Davis, the President of the Teaparty Nation wondered why the killing took 20 years to happen. In a blog post, Judson Phillips said this;

Troy Davis was on death row for twenty years. He was given a trial by a jury of his peers and then had countless opportunities to relitigate his death penalty.

The justice system was not broken.

On second thought, may be it was. For twenty years, he sat on death row while Mark McPhail’s family had to endure all of the appeals. Perhaps the question we should be asking is why does it take twenty years and an untold amount of taxpayer money for justice to be delivered?

An amazing take. Mr. Judson Phillips heard the very same things about Troy Davis’s case that the rest of the world heard. No credible evidence, disputed ballistic results, and the recanting of seven out of nine “eyewitnesses” testimonies. But with all these circumstances, Phillips ponders the question of why it took so long.

This statement from Davis makes me wonder if the famous Teaparty phrase, “I want my country back,” is a reference to back in the day,  when human beings were hung from trees. Back then, no trials were necessary and their idea of justice was swift and immediate. If you looked a certain way, behaved a certain way, or didn’t do as you were told, or you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, then you would be rounded-up, have a noose thrown around your neck, and hung from a tree.

I understand now Mr. Phillips – president of the Teaparty Nation. You probably have a noose in the trunk of your car, don’t ‘cha?

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