Rick Perry Gets Physical With Ron Paul During Debate – Pics

Oh the things we miss when those pesky commercials come on. And apparently, that is the exact moment Rick Perry was waiting for in last night’s debate.

As soon as the sign was given that there was a commercial break, the Texas governor made his way over to Ron Paul’s podium, grabbed the congressman by the wrist and pointed his finger in Paul’s face. And by the look on Perry’s face, this was not an invitation to brunch.

We can only assume that something Ron Paul said ruffled Perry’s feathers. Before the incident started, Perry and Paul had a heated back and forth, when the question was asked about their support for the minimum wage. Paul stated that he would like to get rid of that law, then went all in on Perry and his support for “HillaryCare.” Paul said that Rick Perry “criticized the Governor of Massachusetts [Mitt Romney] for RomneyCare, but he wrote a really fancy letter supporting HillaryCare.”

It was later, while America was getting up getting their popcorn and favorite beverage ready for the circus to resume, that Rick Perry paid Paul a visit.

And you thought you were witnessing the entire debate!

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