Rick Perry Accepts Federal Emergency Help From President Obama

Information released today by the White House suggests that President Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry recently had a telephone conversation, where the President offered FEMA’s help to the people of Texas affected by the wild fires. According to the news release;

Today the President called Texas Governor Rick Perry to express his concern for citizens of Texas impacted by the unprecedented fires.

During the call the President extended his condolences for the lives that have been lost as a result of these events, and made clear that the federal government, through DHS/FEMA and the U.S. Forest Service, will continue to make federal assistance available to state and local officials as they fight the fires.

The President also assured the Governor that requests for additional assistance, including as recovery begins, would be quickly assessed.

Following the call, the President directed his national security staff to continue to work closely with FEMA, the Forest Service and the State of Texas to ensure we were making all resources available.

Over the last several days, at the request of the Governor, the Administration has granted eight Fire Management Assistance Grants, making federal funds available to reimburse eligible costs associated with efforts to combat the fires.

FEMA is actively working with state and local officials to conduct damage assessments and to identify areas where additional federal assistance may be warranted.

This, after all the times Rick Perry has denounced the very existence of FEMA, and his many times promising to end the Federal Emergency Program. This dude is simply unbelievable.

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