Republicans Have Better Things To Do During Job Creation Speech

Apparently, getting Americans back to work is not something these Republicans are all for. In fact, during the upcoming joint session of Congress speech the President will make on Thursday, where jobs creation for middle class America is the one and only topic, various Republican congressmen have already stated that they have better things to do.

A few days ago, Joe Walsh, the people-elected Republican from Illinois made public his decision to be more productive during the speech. He intends to hold a meeting with small businesses in Illinois, a move that will result in zero job creations, as Mr. Joe cannot implement any policy decisions or job creation ideas gained from his gathering. He is after all, just a fraction of a bigger body in Congress that must vote and approve these ideas, then the President must sign them into law. So Joe acting like a one man army, is just for show.

Then we heard about Jim DeMint, the Republican Senator from South Carolina and another people-elected Republican who said he wants to proofread the President’s speech first. In an interview with ABC News, DeMint said;

“If he sent a written proposal over first, I would go hear him explain it, but frankly right now I’m so frustrated I don’t think I’m going to go.”

And now, we’re hearing about Paul Broun, once again – a people-elected Representative from Georgia. Of these three elected officials so far, Broun will be the most productive. During the President’s speech, Mr. Broun plans to stay in his office across the street from where the President will be making his address. And to keep himself occupied while the President lays out his plan to get Americans back to work, the people-elected Broun will be tweeting. Yes, he will be sitting at his desk, criticizing the President on Twitter!

People elected these fools to office for one reason: work together and come up with ways to make this nation a shining beacon on the hill. To make America the lighthouse of the world, like we believe we are. But in order for America to live up to our fullest potential, we must, must meet the needs of our people. Right now the people need jobs, and any idea on how to create these jobs, regardless of which political side of the aisle it comes from, should be listened to, discussed, and immediately put into effect if job creation is the outcome.

But instead of welcoming a new idea or ideas on how to get America back to work and improve our economy, these Republicans will be doing what essentially amounts to wasting time. And nothing against Twitter, but how many jobs should we expect from Mr. Broun’s twitter account during the President’s jobs plan?

Meanwhile, our tax dollars pay the salaries and other benefits these politicians adore, like health care.

That my friend, is our tax dollars at work!


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!