Republican Audience Applauds Hearing About People Dying

The call themself pro-lifers, you know, for life. But apparently, that belief stops immediately after birth.

That was evident in the Republican’s last debate, where a hypothetical question was asked of the panel. What to do if a healthy person cannot afford healthcare and get’s sick to the point that they need intensive care, these pro-lifers, or conservatives, or Teaparty members think that person should just…die.

I’m not making this up!

Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked the question in the last Republican Presidential debate. It was directed to Ron Paul about what the person needing intensive care should do if they have no health care. But before Ron Paul could get his full answer on the record, the pro-lifers in the audience answered for him, shouting “let him die!”

This is where the Republican party is today, where the revelation that Rick Perry of Texas has executed more people than any other governor in the state’s history was met with applause, and the only solution for the sick who cannot afford the care they need, is to let them die!

Base on these Republican audience reactions, would it be far-fetched to conclude that voting for a Republican is almost as bad as committing suicide?

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