Occupy Wall Street – Russell Simmons Could Bring “Hundreds of Thousands” To Protest

Russell Simmons, who recently wrote an article demanding that the rich pay their fair share in taxes, is beginning to take another look at the 12 day old protest on Wall Street. In an interview today on MSNBC, Simmons, worth almost $350 million, told Martin Bashir;

… if I get involved really heavily in this one, we find the agenda and have a common ground… we can bring hundreds of thousands of people… small seeds are planted, but it could grow into something very big.”

Occupy Wall Street began as a small grassroot protest meant to send a message to the wealthy that middle class Americans are mad as hell, and they’re not gonna take it anymore! Since it started, the money controlled Media have totally ignored the protesters until recently, when unnecessarily aggressive crowd control measures by the New York police department got an entire segment on The Last Word on MSNBC.

Russell Simmons and a few hundreds of thousands more protesters will be a nice little addition.

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