Crazy Right Winged Nut Calls President Obama The “Anti-Christ” – Video

Last week, we told you about the Obama re-election campaign headquarters in L.A being attacked with BB-Guns. The attack preceded the President’s visit on Monday, where he held a fundraiser event and got heckled by someone in the audience calling him “the anti-christ,” and saying that “Jesus is the Lord.”

To that, the President says, “I agree… I believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord, I believe in that.”

The video follows, but what was amazing about this video is the President’s reaction. Being called the anti-christ by someone sitting in the front audience, just feet away from him, Mr. Obama smiled at the protester, allowing him to finish his tirade before being out-chanted by the audience saying, “four more years.”

As the protester was led out of the auditorium to a boisterous chant of four more years, the President tried advising the protester that he may have forgotten his jacket, still smiling.

Somehow, I don’t see the anti-christ actually looking out for your best interests by reminding you to take your jacket. I think the anti-christ will want you to leave your jacket indoors, hoping that you’d get sick… without healthcare… and die… quickly. Kinda like the Republican’s plan for uninsured Americans.

Watch the video below.

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