Michele Bachmann Loses Famed Campaign Manager – Ed Rollins

Ed Rollins, the campaign manager for Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, announced that he will be stepping down from his present position. Rollins cited health concerns as his reason for taking a “reduced role” in Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign. His new role will be as senior adviser to her campaign.

“I am tired and am concerned about my health,” Rollins said. “Managing a campaign is tough for a young man, and I am 68 and battered by many years of campaign combat.”

Ed Rollins was also the campaign manager for President Reagan’s election in 1984, when the Republican president won 49 out of 50 states. He also served as Mike Huckabee’s campaign manager in 2007.

At the same time Ed Rollins decided to be a senior adviser to Michele’s campaign, Bachmann’s deputy campaign manager David Polyansky, also announced his decision to leave the campaign.

Since winning the Ames Straw poll a few weeks back, Bachmann has struggled to maintain her apparent momentum in her quest to be the next President of these United States, and the recent introduction of Rick Perry, has taken away much of the spotlight from the Minnesota congresswoman.


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