Joe Walsh Will Boycott Speech On Ways To Create Jobs

Joe Walsh – remember him? He’s the Teaparty Republican who prides himself on how conservative he is. So conservative in fact, that his own family is taking him to court for child support.

Well Joe has decided that hearing the President of the United States give another address is not something he wants to partake in. The United States congressman has decided to boycott Mr. Obama’s speech next Thursday.

 “I don’t see the point of being a prop for another of the president’s speeches asking for more failed stimulus spending and more subsidies for his pet projects.

“The president needs to stop the speeches, get out of his office and away from all the White House academics and start talking to real people out there. They’re the ones who are going to create the jobs, not White House paper-pushers and bureaucrats.”

It’s amazing how just about a month ago, the Republican talking point was, “where is the President’s plan?” Now that the President is asking all elected officials to come to the table and work on behalf of the people who elected them, Joe Nelson and his kind don’t want to anything to do with it. They apparently have better things to do. Nelson, a member on the Small Business Committee is planning a meeting with that group instead, which is equivalent to him spending the afternoon clipping his toenails, as no job policy decisions are expected from his get-together.

Meanwhile, the American people wait for some form of cooperation from their elected leaders. Instead, all we get is showmanship and childish political games.

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