Jimmy Hoffa Is Right, No Apologies Necessary!

The truth hurts, huh?

While introducing President Obama at a rally over the weekend, Teamster’s President Jimmy Hoffa had some choice words for the Teaparty congressmen who stormed their way into Washington in the November 2010 election with one goal in mind – denying the Democratic President any political victory, thus, bringing America to her knees.

And so far, these Teaparty congress members have gotten their wish. For the first time in this nation’s history, America lost its Triple A ratings status, simply because the Republicans, controlled by the Teaparty, failed to do what was in the nation’s best interest and raise the debt ceiling – an act they previously did over 80 times, in both Republican and Democratic administrations.

And in Wisconsin, another of the  Teaparty’s favorite governor has managed to take away the collective bargaining rights of public employees in Wisconsin, a move that many other Republican/Teaparty governors are trying now to do in their own state.

So naturally, middle class Americans are stressed. These hard working Americans are under the crosshairs, and the fingers of the congressional Teaparty members are on the trigger, aiming, waiting for another opportunity to shoot away another program that benefits the unfortunate like Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. For some, their very existence is on the line and these Americans feel the need to fight back. So who’s best to state their anxiety, than the union president himself, Jimmy Hoffa.

In Detroit, while introducing President Obama, Hoffa said;

“We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner. It’s going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We’re going to win that war,” Hoffa told thousands of workers gathered for the annual Labor Day rally.

“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march… Everybody here’s got a vote…Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

Of course, Hoffa was talking about the uncompromising Teaparty members in Congress. But now, the Teaparty and their enablers are enraged. How dare someone open their mouth and state the obvious?!? Their goal was to dismantle all that America stands for without getting any grief from anyone, but now, Hoffa has taken on the mantle and is calling it as it is. They are demanding apologies from Hoffa and from President Obama himself.

Well, to quote a message my editor sent to me this morning, “If Obama apologizes for Jimmy Hoffa, I’ll kick his ass myself!”

Well, maybe not “kick his ass” but still – for once,  if feels good to have someone state the truth. Jimmy, you’re right! Let’s hope this is just the start!

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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  1. winsmith July 22, 2014 2:01 pm

    Hoffa’s a thug and so is the guy who wrote this

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