Herman Cain Cannot Say If Bugs Bunny Is His Economic Adviser

Appearing on the Fox News network today, was the grandfather of pizza making and a Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain. Like you’ve probably heard in his Republican debates, Cain is pushing a 999 plan that he claims, is the missing link to cure the country’s economic woes. A plan that will introduce a flat tax rate for Corporations, individual income and national retail sales tax.

When introducing his plan, Cain said;

“It is revenue neutral, so it will raise the same amount of revenue that we’re currently collecting with this messed up tax code that is being manipulated by the politicians to pick the winners and losers.”

So naturally, knowing the names of the economists who drafted this plan would be necessary when considering the seriousness of Cain’s 999 plan. Otherwise, one could easily call it the price of a small pizza – $9.99. So Chris Wallace, the host of the Fox program Cain appeared on, asked the obvious question; could you name one economist who endorsed this plan?

Cain fumbles, then admits he did not have the authority to name names. Wallace points out that if the plan was any good, the authors would have no problem having their names associated with it, but Cain maintained his position of secrecy. He did, however, offer this at the end of the segment, “I am going to try and get my advisers to allow me to use their name.”

So until we know who created this 999 prescription for our economic perils, I’m sticking to calling it what I think it is – the price of a small pizza with extra cheese. Soda would be extra.

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