Go Wide Mr. President, Go Wide!

I have to admit, these days I’m looking for a reason to re-elect our incumbent president in 2012.  I can no longer hide my disappointment at his not taking the wheel and steering this sinking ship over to more shallow waters. Why fight so hard and valiantly to become the first African-American president of – what we’re told – is the most rich, the most powerful, the most  influential nation in the world only to constantly cave-in with a whimper once confronted with your opposition’s…opposition?

And Mr. President – with all due respect – f**k those bi-partisan pipe dreams! Groveling is not a good look for my president. The public no longer needs that to be one of your goals any longer, anyway. And if another of your actual goals is to appear stymied in making any real, substantial policy changes because those mean old republicans keep bullying you and taking your lunch money… well, again, not a good look.

You’re on the stump now across the country campaigning on those grounds and its sounds more like you’re looking for pity rather than re-appointment. The thing with trying to appear as ” the adult in the room”, is that you get loads of obstinacy when the adolescents in the room with you, have no respect for your authority in the first place. However, that mustn’t  stop you from laying down the law. It never stopped my Mom, a single mother of five big-ass kids.

If you’d just concern yourself with blowing your own horn on all you’ve accomplished thus far; Bin Laden, a great start to a future of healthcare reform, being stalwart against the GOP on their insistence to not raise the debt ceiling and their personal vendetta against Social Security and Medicare, a successful auto industry bailout, aggressive moderator to the conflicts in the Middle East, International Kumbayah Ambassador… look, you don’t need me to tell you what you’ve done.

If your true agenda is to be the beacon of  ‘Change’, as you touted yourself to be and – we went for – back in your glory days in 2007, you’d better go for it now,  with no damn regrets.  Don’t give credence to my naysayer associates on Facebook who say you’re a pawn for someone else’s political agenda (ie: Robert Redford’s Bill McKay in The Candidate  (1972), remember?).

Hopefully your initiative to present a master plan for (what I wish to be!) an actual Jobs Bill (wouldn’t that be grand!) that could realistically be implemented ASAP – despite the expected stonewalling from the party on the right – will jumpstart your mojo with a “TOUCHDOWN!” tonight.

Just remember to go wide Mr. President.


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Amy Conton is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in New York, USA.


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