Massive Protest In Canada For “War Criminal” Dick Cheney. Video

On a recent visit to Canada, former vice president Dick Cheney was greeted with chants of “war criminal,” as Canada’s residents expressed their displeasure in the actions taken by the Bush Administration in Iraq and their blatant violations of the Geneva Convention through the Administration’s torture policy.

Dick Cheney appeared at The Vancouver Club, where attendees paid up to $500.00 to hear him speak. Referring to Mr. Cheney, one protester called him a terrorist, saying;

“…well you can say the The Vancouver Club is harboring a terrorist and a war criminal tonight cause I think crimes of state, can also be acts of terror. Terrorizing people in Iraq, terrorizing detainees and prisoners… so to borrow some of the rhetoric of the Bush Administration, they are harboring a terrorist.”

To block the entrance to the building where Cheney was giving his speech, protesters sat in the road and literally held the legs of attendees trying to gain access while police struggled to keep the pathway clear.

This should be Dick Cheney’s welcome everywhere he goes.

Watch the not-so-hero’s welcome below.

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