Boehner And Biden Caught On Open Mic At Jobs Speech

Boehner's Birdie

While President Obama tried to bring his jobs plan to the floor of a joint congress Thursday night, the important thing on John Boehner’s mind was not the American people and their plight, but about the birdie he missed during a golf game.

The video below shows a ‘hot mic’ situation, where the Vice President approached Boehner saying “we gotta heck-of-a-lotta work to do here…,” but Speaker Boehner wanted to talk about something more important to him. He abruptly interrupted Mr. Biden, telling him about a golfing misfortune, right before President Obama came to the floor of Congress.

Just goes to show who’s really working for the American people, and who’s the real elitist in the room.

A Hot Mic Moment

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