Approval Rating For President Obama Falls To New Lows

Some bleak news on an even more bleak rainy September day. Various polls now show the President’s approval ratings are on a decline. Bad news for the President and the Democrats, as Americans – frustrated with an economy that is intentionally kept in the doldrums by congressional Republicans – blame the incumbent party.

That poll showed the president’s approval ratings skidding to 44%, with even worse marks for his handling of the economy and his overall leadership. An ABC News/Washington Post poll had similar marks, putting the president’s approval rating at 43% while a Politico/George Washington University poll has him at 45%.

The new numbers caused Democratic pollster Peter Hart to conclude, “Obama is no longer the favorite to win reelection.”

With the election still over a year away, the new polls seem to  point to Republicans getting their wish to make this President a one term president. President Obama gets another chance to increase his numbers on Thursday when he presents his plan to create jobs. Although Republicans are expected to go against any plan the president provides, conventional wisdom would suggest that the bigger his plan, the more it will be supported by the people.

Republicans will do their best to make sure this support does not happen. Bet on it….


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!