Anita Perry Says Husband Rick Creates “Minimum Wage Jobs” In Texas

WOW… and she’s supposed to be helping him win the presidency?

Anita Perry, wife of Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry has, in this one soundbite, cast doubt on her husband’s argument that he has fixed and improved Texas’ economy. Realizing that her husband’s campaign has gone down-hill in recent days as Republicans slowly continue their exodus away from the Perry bandwagon, Anita decided to go on the campaign trail to stand by her man. She had this to say;

He knows how to create jobs…We have 1,500 people moving to Texas every day to find a job. I’m not going to tell you they’re all high-paying jobs, but they’re a job, even if they’re a minimum wage job. And that’s what people are hungry for.

Anita is telling the truth. Under Perry’s leadership, almost 10% of the jobs created in Texas are minimum wage jobs. And Perry has taken the economy from 4.2% to 8.5%. Talk about a Texas miracle…!

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