Right Wing Says Hurricane Irene Was God Trying To Change Government

Chuck Pierce, head of the right winged Religious group Global Harvest Ministries, has a message for Americans, primarily those working for the Government in Washington. God sent Irene to change the government.

Mr. Pierce wrote about a message he claimed he got from God back in July. The message, according to Chuck went something like this;

‘Watch Washington, D.C., for there will come upon the place a physical storm. This storm will be a sign. This sign is necessary and cannot be prevented. This physical storm will rest down and when the storm descends – the scroll for the government of this land will be unlocked.

‘I will unwind a structure that has gotten intertwined with the enemy’s plans. I will reinstitute law in this land that has been removed. I am sending angels in at My command based upon the revelation that is being spoken now, and from those angelic hosts, a land and its governments will be changed.'”

We can only assume that the enemy mentioned in Chuck’s piece is Barack Obama.

But why would God use a Hurricane – which killed up to 40 people so far – to send a political message about changing the government, especially since Mr. Obama and the Democrats have been the ones doing the work for the less fortunate. In this economy, they have tried to provide unemployment checks to the unemployed. They have tried instituting health care for the middle class and poor alike and among the many other things they have done to help the people, Mr. Obama and the Democrats have tried to provide for Education and the EPA, which in itself, guarantees a better life through cleaner air, clean water and a safer environment.

Republicans have been against the President and the Democrats every step of the way. So why would God want to change Mr. Obama and the Democrats when they are the ones seemingly doing His will?

Or maybe, Mr. Chuck confused the message. If God had a political preference, wouldn’t He want to change those who have decided against helping the less fortunate, like Congressional Republicans?

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