Pat Buchanan Refers To President Obama As “your boy!”

Why is this guy on MSNBC?

Republican Pat Buchanan went on the wrong show tonight and chose the wrong words to describe the President of the United States. Speaking about the debt ceiling deal and whether or not the President would allow tax revenue to go up on the rich, Buchanan said to the Rev. Al Sharpton;

… and let me tell you something, your boy Barack Obama caved in 2010, and he will cave in again and again!

Al Sharpton, who marched and fought in many civil rights battles became livid. “My what?!? My President Barack Obama… what did you say?”

Buchanan, thinking what he just said was funny, continued laughing and repeated what he said, “he’s your boy in the ring!”

“No, he’s nobody’s boy!” Al Sharpton shot back at the laughing Buchanan. Mr. Sharpton then continued to put Buchanan in his place.

Twitter and other social networks immediately began calling for Pat Buchanan’s job, demanding that MSNBC end his contract. This will be a good test for the network. They suspended Keith Olbermann for making a donation. Let’s see if they will make Buchanan apologize for his insensitive and racist remarks.

Watch the unbelievable video below.

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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  1. Chris August 3, 2011 12:49 am

    Oh come on. I don’t particularly care for Pat Buchanan, but this is just stupid. Anybody who thinks Buchanan meant boy as the racist term is either being disingenuous or sees everything as racist (and since this is Al Sharpton, either one could be the case).

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