More Tall Tales Coming From Michele Bachmann

Just another dumb statement to add to Michele Bachmann’s growing list of lies and misinformation.

This time, Mrs. Bachmann, one of the eleven (and counting) contenders for the Republican nomination to take on Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, is attempting to scare Americans by trying to change history… again!

The Presidential hopeful went on the Jay Sekulow conservative radio show and proclaimed that Americans are worried about the rise of the Soviet Union. Yes, the very same Soviet Union that was dismantled over 20 years ago. Bachmann said;

“What people recognize is that there’s a fear that the United States is in an unstoppable decline. They see the rise of China, the rise of India, the rise of the Soviet Union and our loss militarily going forward.”

We all know that this is not the first time Bachmann showed her lack of basic knowledge for American or world history. She has even demonstrated a total lack of basic common knowledge when earlier this week, she celebrated Elvis Presley’s birthday on the day he died.

And the sad part of all this is, Michele Bachmann really believes the nonsense. Although her baseless claims can be easily reputed by any 8th grader, Bachmann tells her tall tales with conviction. At least that’s more than we could say¬†about the other 10 misfits trying to become the president of the greatest nation on earth!

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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