Conservatives Slam Christine O Donnell. Call Her A “Buffoon”

So Christine O’Donnell wrote a book. Allow that to digest for a second. Okay, so now that you’re able to contain your laughter, let’s continue.

Christine O’Donnell wrote a book, and in her effort to do some promotion, Miss O’Donnell, the 2010 loosing Republican/Teaparty candidate who became famous for saying, “I am not a witch,” went on CNN’s Piers Morgan Show and later walked off the show in the middle of an interview because Mr. Morgan asked her questions about some statements she once made.

It was natural for Liberals and Progressives to get on Christine for her immature actions, but when Conservatives began getting on her case, then it became obvious that Christine’s antics had opened up a free-fall that we had to get in on.

L. Brent Bozell is the president of  Media Research Center, a conservative media watchdog organization. This is what he had to say about O’Donnell’s behavior;

In short, O’Donnell’s behavior was beyond indefensible. It was downright bizarre.

The questions Piers Morgan put forward may have been trite, even seemingly silly, but given to whom they were being posed, they were not inappropriate. He asked if in her heart O’Donnell has committed lust.

He asked her views on gay marriage. He asked her views on witchcraft and on masturbation. Titillating questions? Sure, but O’Donnell has staked out public opinions on all these fronts and it is those public statements she’s made that invite questions like his. She had to know she’d be asked these things when she accepted the interview invitation. If she didn’t then she’s living in a parallel universe. Moreover, Morgan was neither Chris Matthews rude nor Keith Olbermann offensive. He simply asked the questions.

O’Donnell had no right to reject the questions. Even worse, in declaring them inappropriate she made an ass of herself.

Bozell continued;

 She declared she was there to “talk about the issues I chose to talk about in the book,” and when asked by Morgan, “Do you answer that question in the book?” she answered, “I talk about my religious beliefs, yes. I absolutely do.” But she wouldn’t answer his question about gay marriage, and instead accused him of being rude to her.

Nonsensical is too kind. She is a buffoon.

O’Donnell had no right to walk off the set. But in a sense I’m glad she did — if it means she’ll never come back. Conservatives do themselves no favors by defending this woman and she is doing conservatives no favors by going on national television programs to talk about — God only knows what she’ll talk about, or not talk about, next. Please, Christine O’Donnell, call it a day.

Read the rest of Bozell’s article here.

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