This Dick Calls President Obama A “Dick!”

You have to be of a certain caliber to appear on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and apparently, that caliber just got reduced to an even lower level, when an MSNBC contributor name Mark Halperin thought it would be funny to call the President of the United States a “dick!”

The political talking head appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and when encouraged by host Joe Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski, Halperin “characterize” what he thought of the President’s economic speech the day before.

Mark Halperin: Are we on the seven second delay?

Mika Brzezinski: Lordy.

Halperin: I wanted to characterize how the president behaved.

Scarborough: We have it. We can use it. Go for it. Let’s see what happens.

Brzezinski: We’re behind you, you fall down and we catch you.

Halperin: I thought he was a dick yesterday.

Scarborough: Delay that. delay that. what are you doing? I can’t believe — I was joking. Don’t do that. Did we delay that?

Realizing he just put his di… his foot in his mouth, Halperin immediately apologized for his poor and disgraceful choice of words;

“Joking aside, this is not a pro-forma apology. It’s an absolute apology. Heartfelt to the president and to the viewers. I became part of the joke but that is no excuse, I made a mistake and I am sorry and I shouldn’t have said it. As I said I apologize to the president and to the viewers.”

Kinda reminds me of the Glenn Beck episode, when Beck went on television and accused the President of “having a deep-seated hatred for white people,” then later accused Mr. Obama of being a racist. That moment was looked upon as the pivotal point where the downfall of Glenn Beck started, as advertisers began pulling their products from his show. Fox News never reprimand Beck for those words, but MSNBC immediately issued a statement stating that Halperin was suspended indefinitely.

With his obvious disrespect for the President, I wouldn’t be shocked if Halperin resurfaced on Fox News, carrying on where Glenn Beck left off.

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  1. Reggie July 2, 2011 12:18 am

    Stiupid is what stupid does!!!

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