Save Us First, Mr. President

After eight years of the Bush Administration living way beyond its means and charging up a debt that has now put the country on the brink of disaster, NOW the GOP wants to introduce “cap, cuts and balancing”  in their never-ending quest to pin this insurmountable mess on President Obama.

The offer from Harry Reid and the Democrats to cut $2.7 trillion from our spending budget with no tax increase to the rich and no additional revenue is a travesty. Who’s going to suffer from those cuts? The poor and the soon to be devastated middle-class that’s who!

The pressure is on President Obama in this no-real-win situation. He can either allow the bills to go unpaid and be the first United States (Black) President in history to default on the country’s debt repayment schedule – but still illuminate the despicable, uncooperative stance of the GOP and thus hopefully proving to the skeptical and undecided that any faction of the  Republican Party is incapable of running anything, let alone the governing challenges of the US.

Or, he can drop his losing bi-partisan stance, take control, raise the debt ceiling as he knows – and reputable non-partisan economists have advised him – must be done, eliminate tax loopholes for the super wealthy who live like kings on the backs of the labor force  and steer Boehner and his bunch clear of the Big 3.

Mr. President, you may have to deal with this bullsh**t again in 2012 when you’re re-elected, but because of the sacrifices you would  make for us today, with hope and good sense the People will stand by you, especially in lieu of the odds we’ve witnessed you up against for the last 7 months with Republicans and the Tea Party.

What would I want you to do? I’d want you to save us first,  Mr. President! And come what may in 2012! You have more than proven that you are up for the challenge!

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Amy Conton is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in New York, USA.


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