Russell Simmons To The Rich – Stop Bitching, Pay Your Damn Taxes

Republicans have shown time and time again during these negotiations on raising the debt ceiling, that they are willing to allow the good faith and credit of America to be ruined, just to protect the tax loopholes their rich friends enjoy. Loopholes like providing $600 billion a year to oil companies and giving tax breaks to companies who close down businesses in America and open those same businesses in other countries. Well, Russell Simmons, a millionaire whose net worth is listed as over $340 million, has some choice words for his fellow millionaire friends: “Stop bitching and pay your damn taxes!”

Mr. Simmons wrote a piece in Huffington Post in which he rightly criticizes Republicans for attempting to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and poor, while the rich gets richer.

To all my Republican friends, billionaires and multi-millionaires, stop bitching and pay your damn taxes. How dare you make record profits and not want to contribute more to fixing our problems while some in our country are suffering the worst economic times since the Great Depression? I DON’T NEED A TAX BREAK. I AM RICH. AND SO ARE YOU!

He then questions the wisdom of American citizens who would support Republican candidates who only have intentions of protecting millionaires.

Who amongst us is stupid enough to support politicians that want to protect guys with corporate jets and five homes around the world? What rock are we living under? I know this may not sound like the voice of a yogi, but even Krishna would have told Arjuna stop crying and pay your damn taxes. So, stop this nonsense and start giving.

Simmons then questioned the claim by many rich folks who claimed they “worked hard,” to ¬†attain their wealth and asked them, “what box you lifted today?” He continued;

Most of you, not all of you, but most of you got some lucky break or your daddy left you all that you needed. I know, for one, I am one of the very lucky ones. Talent was a small second to the luck I’ve had while building my businesses. The “hard work” is the fun part; the only happiness we get is derived from that service.

He then praised the efforts of President Obama for wanting to put politics aside to get America back on the right economic track, while the rich and their Republican friends exert no effort to do the same.

The President has shown he is willing to make compromises and make difficult decisions to put this country back on the right track while it seems that all you want to do is play Russian roulette with the most vulnerable people of our nation. The President is showing leadership and you Republicans are showing how silver your pockets are lined by the corporate interests. That is not acceptable and you should be targeted for support. You ought to know full well that we cannot decrease our deficit by only cutting our spending. We MUST raise revenue. And those who have made the most should give the most.

And we couldn’t agree with him more. Because of the policies and hard work of middle class Americans, the rich in this country have prospered beyond their wildest dreams. It is only right that now when the country needs their support, they should pick up the slack and do their share. The middle class and the poor are already carrying the majority of the burden.

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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  1. Amy July 16, 2011 9:03 am

    I love Simmons for coming out and declaring his position on the the financial responsibility of everyone. You can be as rich as you can get in America. Wealth is yours for the taking here. The degenerative thinking however is that your wealth makes you better, more privileged than me. You’re welcomed to believe that in theory, but in practice and for practicality’s sake I pay my taxes in proportion to what I have and by law you must too. Some rich folks think that this may be a deterrent to staying rich but until the middle class and the poor can have gov’t sponsored tax loopholes to keep more cash in our pockets then surely the rich shouldn’t either. Shut up and pay like the rest of us!

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