Republicans Suggest Impeaching Obama If Nation Defaults

President Obama has tried just about every conceivable angle, to convince these Republicans that a “balanced approach” is what’s needed to address the nation’s debt. That balanced approach being, spending cuts plus raising revenue. But Republicans have been defiant. They have maintained their original “no compromise” position on allowing some of the loopholes for the wealthy to end, and in effect, kept the stalemate going on how the debt ceiling should be raised.

And now this… Republican Steve King of Iowa, has turned the tables on the President. King is now suggesting that President Obama should be impeached if the nation defaults. Let that marinate!

So Republicans have refused to work with the President and Democrats on any plausible solution towards avoiding a default, but at the same time, they’re now calling for the President’s impeachment if we do?

Picture this:

The ship called The Economy just sank, and Republicans are safely in the only life boat. President Obama is in the water trying to save as many as he can. Both his hands are already full, but there’s still more to be saved. He turns to the Republicans and asks for their help…and they throw him an anvil.

Then from within the safe confines of the life boat, Steve King shouts out, ” and make sure you save everybody… and don’t let that anvil sink!”

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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