Obama Raises Twice As Much As All G.O.P. Candidates Combined

President Obama just set another record, shattering the White House record for presidential election fund-raising in the first 3 months of his re-election campaign. The Obama 2012 Campaign Manager, Jim Messina, made the announcement earlier today stating that in the first quarter of fund-raising, $86 million dollars was collected. Obama’s record also beat the efforts of all the Republican candidates combined.

In his 2004 re-election, former President Bush raised $50 million.

 Politico reports;

The total amount Obama raised in the first three months of 2011 also amounted to more than twice the $35 million raised collectively by the announced field of Republican presidential candidates.

“It’s a monumental achievement,” Messina said.

In order to compete against the special interests groups and secret corporate funds expected to drive the Republican nominee’s campaign, the president would have to raise an estimated  $1 billion dollars for his re-election.

Only $914 million dollars to go!

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