Wisconsin Republicans Sue Because They Were Wrong

Something must be wrong with these Republicans. It seems that when they do things in the dark, everything is fine. But when these things are brought to the light, Republicans want to sue the person who turns on the light switch.

Oh the nerve of these Wisconsin Republicans.

In a secretly taped conversation recently released and first reported by the La Crosse Tribune , Wisconsin Republicans were overheard talking about planting a spoiler Democrat into the recall elections of Republican Sen. Dan Kapanke.

On the recording, Julian Bradley – the La Crosse County Republican Vice Chairman is heard recalling a conversation he had with Wisconsin Executive Director of the State’s Party, Mark Jefferson. Here’s what was said;

“We are actively keeping our ears to the ground and if anybody knows anybody for a candidate that would be interested on the Democratic side in running in the primary against Jennifer Shilling … if anybody knows any Democrats who would be interested, please let us know.”

The recall election for Republican Dan Kapanke –  one of the Senators that voted for the controversial law that will take away the collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin union members – is scheduled for July 12th. Republicans were attempting to plant this spoiler Democratic challenger into the race to delay the recall election, as primary elections will be held first. A scenario, they believe, will cost Democrats more money. The official Democratic challenger in the recall election against Dan Kapanke is state Rep. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse).

But what’s even more unbelievable is the proposed law-suit. Yes, the party that has fabricated information and videos against Democrats are now planning to sue the person who secretly recorded the Republican meeting. The report claims,

The La Crosse County Republican Party plans to sue the person who made a secret recording of the group’s monthly meeting last week, when party officials discussed running a spoiler candidate against Democrat Jennifer Shilling.

Party chairman Bill Feehan said he met with an attorney Friday and would file a suit soon.

“I had to seek legal counsel regarding the illegal taping of our meeting,” Feehan said. “We’ve now been told it’s a violation of a state statute regarding wire tapping.”

You do right and you should have nothing to worry about. But the nerve…! You do wrong, and you want to file suit because your wrong-doing was brought to light?

Simply amazing!!!

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