Weiner Pulls Out… of Scheduled Wisconsin Event

Democratic congressman from New York, Anthony Weiner has had enough, so instead of going to a scheduled event in Wisconsin this weekend and being faced with more questions about the picture of a man’s bulging private parts, sent from his twitter account to a 21-year-old, Weiner has decided that spending time “with his family” is the best thing to do.

The report from the Milwaukee Journal states,

Graeme Zielinski, party spokesman, confirmed the cancellation and said the decision was Weiner’s, and that the party’s invitation to him was still good.

“It’s understandable, considering what’s going on,” Zielinski added.

Weiner, an outspoken liberal voice in Congress, has been in the midst of a controversy over a photo of a male crotch in underpants sent to a female Twitter follower of his.

Weiner has denied sending the photo and says his Twitter account was hacked, but he has not denied  the photo might be of him. The story has occupied much of the political world for the past few days.

Weiner was to be one of the main speakers at the convention, which starts today at the Frontier Airlines Center. Another main speaker: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Zielinski said Weiner “opted to stay in New York . .. with his family,” and added, “We’re looking forward to a visit in the future” from Weiner.

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